Honours Bestowed at a Bris Milah

HonourFunctions and Significance
KvatterinCarries baby from mother to Bris room and, after the Bris, back to mother. This is the one formal honour bestowed upon a woman at a Bris. Often, the Kvatterin and Kvatter are a couple seeking to have a child, as this honour is deemed propitious for this purpose. (There is a custom not to have a pregnant woman as Kvatterin.)
Kvatter Carries baby from the Kvatterin to the bris area, and after the Bris, back to her.(Equal second highest honour)
* The Kvatter and Kvatterin are sometimes called G-dfather and G-dmother, but there is no Jewish equivalent of these terms, so it is easier to refer to the Yiddish names for these honours.
Throne of ElijahPlaces baby on the chair designated as the Throne of Elijah. Elijah the Prophet comes to participate at every Bris Milah. Some place great emphasis on this honour. (third highest)
From the ThroneTakes baby from Throne of Elijah and gives him to the father, who places him on Sandak's lap. (fourth highest)
SandakHolds baby during Bris. This is the highest honour at the Bris. The Sandak is equated with the Kohen (Priest) burning the Incense Offering in the Beis HaMikdash (Holy Temple). Many choose the Rabbi or the Grandfather for this honour.
Standing SandakHolds the baby while he is given his Hebrew name after the Bris. (Equal second highest honour)
Reader of the BlessingsRecites the blessings said after the Bris when the baby is named. I will do this unless a Rabbi or Chazzan etc. is present, in which case, you may ask him, if you wish.

Brief Order of Service: The Kvatterin takes the baby from his Mother and gives him to the Kvatter, who brings him into the Bris room. He is then given to a man to be placed on the Chair of Elijah, and (someone else) takes him off, and gives him to the Father. Then the Father places the baby on the Sandak's lap for the Bris. The Father says one Hebrew Blessing while the Mohel performs the Bris. Afterwards the baby is given to the Standing Sandak for naming, and then is brought back to mother by the Kvatter and Kvatterin.

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